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Dorothy La Motta (Author of "The Adventures of Sir Crumsby Cricket" Children's Book)

This was my first project with Bassel Elkadi for illustrating a children's book. I found him to be very responsive, friendly and most importantly will to make any changes I preferred. His turnaround time was amazingly fast. He included cutesy things I didn't think about. Bassel also answered all my questions and helped me understand the Freelancer system. He sent me the draft sketches several times so I can visualize the colors and final painting. His patience was much appreciated. I would highly recommend him to others.

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J. S. Davey (Author of "A Cheesy Book" Children's Book)

Having published seven books over the past four years, and having developed wonderful relationships with exceptional artists along the way, Bassel's work ethic is second to none. His skill is matched by his enthusiasm and collaborating with him is a genuine pleasure! 

Exceptional artist and painter! Quick and easy to work with. Having worked with many artists on many projects, Bassel is definitely one of the best.

I didn't just meet an exceptional artist through this project, I made a new friend as well. Amazing attention to detail and wonderful, whimsical skill! A diamond in the rough.

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Lisa Calicchia (Author of "I am a Gift" Children's Book)

I really enjoyed working with Bassel. He was very patient with me as I explained what I wanted in my illustrations. I think he put in great effort trying to make sure my pictures were exactly the way that I wanted. I also appreciated him giving me honest feedback an explained artistry rules to me when necessary. I will work with him on my next book since he now knows the feel that I'm going for in my series of children's books.  I am so proud of my first children's book, thanks to him

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Brian Kendrella (Author of "The Trojan Alphabet" Children's Book)

Working with Bassel is great. Very understanding of my vision and accepts my feedback. However, it is rarely necessary as he nails my vision the first time more often than not. Highly recommended

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Melanie Du Toit (Author of "Amadues The Explorer - Table Mountain" Children's Book)

Bassel was an absolute dream to work with. He is very creative, hard working and don't mind making edits. Thank you

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Lorie Jackson (Author of "Brown Grandma in Chicago" Children's Book)

Great freelancer. Excellent work. I am continuing to work with him for several illustrations and completion of a children's book.

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