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Ben's Seeds

Ben’s Seeds is a story that teaches children to be patient when trying to achieve their goals. Ben doesn’t give up searching for solutions to problems and implementing them. Your child will also have fun learning about gardening and the life cycle of a plant.

The Selfish Bear-Single_Cover.jpg

The Selfish Bear

The Selfish Bear teaches children that sharing is a reason for happiness, avoiding selfishness, helping others, forgiving and to always be positive as it can change others’ lives to the better.

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A Cheesy Book

This book was Bassel’s first art collaboration project in which the great author and artist J. S. Davey has done the sketches and Bassel has colored them. The aim of this color collaboration is to encourage children all over the world to participate together in art activities and to add more beauty to the world.

The Trojan Alphabet_Book Cover.jpg

The Trojan Alphabet

The Trojan Alphabet is a book that teaches Alphabet and American football to the kids. This book can be an awesome gift to USC Trojans fans. It has a lot of illustrations of players, legends and historical moments of USC football team.

I Am a Gift Final-Cover.png

I am a Gift

I am a Gift is a book that talks about how thankful parents are for having their kids and encourage the kids to believe in their abilities as they are precious irreplaceable gifts. I am a Gift is one of Bassel's favorite books as he illustrated a lot of children characters in this book from all races.


Amadeus The Explorer

Amadeus The Explorer is a book about Amadeus and his adventures while exploring Table Mountain in South Africa, meeting different friends and obstacles on his way.


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